Official Rules


(a) Judging will take place both at a national and regional level. The national phase of the Competition will select the national winner for each Challenge Territory that will compete in the regional phase of the Competition.

9.1 National Competition

(a) The National Competition will take place in April 2016 in each Challenge Territory where a panel (the “Competition Judges”) will evaluate all eligible Competition Submissions.

(b)  All eligible National Entries will be judged by the Competition Judges using specific criteria.

Category & Points: Written and Design Proposal

TOTAL (out of 35)
Title Page (1 Pt)
Title page contains the name of the project, name, address and telephone number of the school, names of team members, name of teacher providing guidance & name of mentor (if applicable)
Problem Statement and Significance of Problem (2 Pts)
Proposal clearly states the problem and outlines its significance
Objectives of the Project (2 Pts)
Proposed objectives clearly listed
Relevance to Needs of School or Community (4 Pts)
Proposal adequately describes its relevance to a problem or need facing the school or community
Approach or Proposed Solution (10 Pts)
Methods and strategies used are clearly described. Proposal contains relevant preliminary data from research findings (graphs, photos, illustrations, etc.) to back up proposed solution
Competitive Landscape (3Pts)
Proposal includes a clear and thorough description of the competitive landscape, along with benefits of proposed solution
Resources Needed (5 Pts)
Proposal contains an adequate table/list of major resources needed?. (Resources may include: prices of items to be purchased or a list of contributors/means of fund raising; list of experts with expertise needed; etc)
Timetable (2 Pts)
A timetable included that is realistic in the context of the project
STEM Linkage (2Pts)
There a good description of how the topic relates to STEM
Proposed Public or Community Engagement (2 Pts)
Proposal speak to how it will or will not engage the local community, and the proposed community involvment plan is sound
References (2 Pts)
References or a bibliography are included

Category & Points: Presentations

TOTAL (out of 40)
Oral Powerpoint Presentation (3 Pts)
Clear, concise and effective Powerpoint presentation using appropriate tools (e.g. pictures, graphs)
Booth Effectiveness in Demonstrating the Solution (10 Pts)
Excellent use of relevant graphics, images, mockups or prototypes. Booth aesthetics generally of a high standard
Answers to Questions at the Booth (5 Pts)
Clear and thorough answers to questions. Explanation of project challenge, background, and findings logical and correct
Creativity and Innovation in Project (4 Pts)
Team successfully adapted, extended, transformed or experimented with a unique idea, question, format, or product to create something new
Knowledge/Understanding of the Underlying Science (5 Pts)
Team has an excellent understanding of the basic science or engineering associated with the project
Good use of Scientific Methods of Investigation/Execution (5 Pts)
Excellent, clear and thorough identification of project plan, methods of investigation, design and implementation processes
Execution Difficulty and Risk (6 Pts)
Team has chosen a difficult, high-risk, high-payoff project and effort was admirable
Actual Public or Community Engagement (2 Pts)
Project actually did engage with and/or got a lot of support from local or non-local community