More than talk needed


Sagicor is being lauded by Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, for putting their money to work through the Visionaries Challenge and for continuing to pledge their support to the youth and the development of the island and region.

Calling for persons to go beyond the speech, the Minister commended Sagicor for its ability to implement.

Delivering the address at the launch of the 2014 Sagicor Visionaries Challenge at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre yesterday, Jones said, “…As human beings, we talk and we talk, and we talk and when we stop talking, we talk again, but we need now to move sometimes beyond the talk.”

However, the Minister did admit that talk is necessary initially.

He urged, “You [Sagicor] are putting your mouth and money where your mouth is, because you talk too. You have to speak to get through the intention, but you are truly putting your money where your mouth is, where the ideas are.”

He added, “…We need money to help move things forward. Talk can only start as a catalyst for future direction.”

The Minister additionally praised Sagicor for the direction which they have students moving towards through the Challenge. He stressed, “We need to work in the areas of Science, the areas of Technology, the areas of Engineering and in the areas of Mathematics.”

Therefore, Jones urged, “So in Barbados and in the rest of the Caribbean, there is still much work to be done.”

His observation was endorsed by Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Barbados Operations, Sagicor Life Inc., Edward Clarke, who believes that members of the private sector as good corporate citizens have to act in the best interest of the youth as well.

He said, “…Talk is one thing, acting is another. We as a people as leadership in our country, need to take action and to give these young people opportunities to develop their skills.”

He also promised that they will continue to put their money behind initiatives, such as the Challenge.

In his remarks, Clarke said that he believes, “it is up to people like us to show the way and put our money behind ventures such as this to continue to push the region in a new dimension, into a new frontier. We cannot continue doing what we are doing and expect things to be better for the region”.