Commendation for Sagicor Visionaries Challenge participants

Winning project dubbed ‘Techno Gardeners’ done by Jeaselle Blaize of the St Martin Secondary School

Participants of the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge have been commended by Education Minister Petter Saint Jean for the wonderful display of their scientific, innovative and creative abilities.

Thirty-five (35) projects from various Secondary Schools and the Dominica State College were displayed at the Stadium yesterday as part of the national competition of the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge.


Minister of Education; Petter Saint Jean


The students were encouraged to develop a project with the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Jeaselle Blaize of the St Martin Secondary School won the competition while the Isaiah Thomas Secondary placed second and the Dominica State College third.

“I believe that our students have participated in this most worthwhile exercise and I really hope that this will inspire you to continue in the various fields of innovation and technology.”

Winning project dubbed ‘Techno Gardeners’ done by Jeaselle Blaize of the St Martin Secondary School

Winning project dubbed ‘Techno Gardeners’ done by Jeaselle Blaize of the St Martin Secondary School

Minister Saint Jean also thanked Sagicor for affording the students “the valuable opportunity to explore and to harness their potentials as budding scientists, mathematicians and engenderers”.

He stated further that scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as “we face the challenges of globalization and a knowledge based economy”.

“It is therefore imperative that you carve for yourselves a comfortable niche in the competitive environment and in so doing, you students need to develop your capabilities in science and technology, engineering and mathematics as the demand for skilled workers in those areas is closely linked.”

Minister Saint Jean stated that his Ministry supports the view of Sagicor, the Caribbean Science Foundation and The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) that Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) must be given priority within school’s curriculum.

“We agree that STEM education will assist us to create critical thinkers, increase science literacy and enable and inspire the next generation of innovators”.

“If we expect our student to become the next innovators of tomorrow we must offer them a solid knowledge base in STEM subjects today,” Mr Saint Jean continued.

He added that the Sagicor project is making a significant stride in promoting the importance of STEM within our secondary schools.

“The Ministry of Education is therefore committed to reinforcing the interest through continued focus on science and education at our schools,” the Minster said.