Canaan Students Compete In Sagicor Visionaries Challenge


Tomorrow high schools from across the country will compete in the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge- a competition that seeks to test the student’s innovative minds. The students of Canaan SDS High School are ready for tomorrow and today we dropped by to learn about their electromagnetic generator ventilation system.

With a bicycle frame, some electrical wires, a car battery, a car alternator, a house fan and an inverter the students of Canaan SDS High School made an electromagnetic generator ventilation system.


“Simply the student just needs to ride the bike like a normal bike, pedals it and then when the student pedals the bike the mechanical energy that the student creates goes down to the alternator which then the alternator rotate making the alternator functionable which means making electricity. Then that electricity flows down to the12 volts battery and then that battery is used by the alternator and from there it goes down to the inverter and the inverter inverts the 12 volts into a 110 volts that any household appliances use and in this case we pick to use the fan. The battery lasts up to 120 minutes which is two class periods approximately.”


“In terms of how long should I ride the bicycle to produce this amount of energy?”


“Well first and second form students have PE and PE class goes to forty minutes per sessions so the students are expected to ride it either ten or twenty minutes so that the alternator could charge up the battery so that it could be used.”

The school will compete in this year’s Sagicor Visionaries Challenge and the idea of building what can be described as a cooling system came from their own experiences in the metal classrooms.


“These classrooms which are metal, they get really hot during the hot season or summer and the hot air needs to come out and this is going to ease that kind of heat in the classroom and makes it more comfortable for learning.”

It took about four hundred dollars and two weeks of hard work to build this prototype. The school sees it practical to build more.


“As science students we are to be visionaries and we need to have a little bit more of engineering, technology, mathematics and science involved in anything we do. So the competition is about us making something that will benefit our community or school directly and hence we are making this electromagnetic generator ventilation system.”